New HR consultancy business to focus on driving commercial outcomes

National HR consultancy business, Azuhr, has opened with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. It is backed by Kingston Reid, Australia’s largest national specialist workplace law firm.

Azuhr is headed by Peitra Moffat, an HR executive with more than 20 years’ experience working in multinational and multi-jurisdictional environments, who has worked across a broad spectrum of industries, including construction, energy, mining and resources, health and aged care, and financial and professional services.

Moffat says: “We understand the critical importance good HR plays in driving commercial outcomes – and what that looks like.

“It means having an HR strategy that is smart, innovative, and, most importantly, aligned to a business’s drivers. It’s that sweet spot where an HR solution not only ensures compliance and commercial health but also looks after a company’s employees.”

The HR and ER services Azuhr offers includes: Virtual HR to quickly solve everyday issues; workplace investigations; providing HR support across a business; HR audit; training; bargaining support to achieve sustainable enterprise agreements; conflict resolution; HR strategy; and HR toolkits to allow businesses to set up their own policies and procedures.

“Our consultants are, first and foremost, business people, who understand that getting the best HR results is integral to a business’s bottom line.

“They offer a deep understanding of how businesses operate that has been gained from years of experience, meaning their primary focus is on achievable HR solutions that work.”

Moffat says the relationship with Kingston Reid allows Azuhr to be able to tap into the thinking of some of the finest employment lawyers in the country – an invaluable resource.

Kingston Reid Managing Partner Alice DeBoos says: “We are pleased to be behind Azuhr as it launches its exciting array of HR and ER services, strongly believing there’s an opening for an HR offering that differs to a legal offering.”

Peitra Moffat
Managing Director
1300 909 819
[email protected]

Alice DeBoos
Managing Partner
Kingston Reid
+61 2 9169 8444
[email protected]

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