HR Strategy

Executive level HR strategic planning and implementation. Data driven analysis, board reporting and leadership support.

As business leaders, we all know that our people are key drivers for commercial success. But defining and implementing the right people solution is no simple task. We bring together deep industry experience and an objective viewpoint, delivering executive level HR Strategy that works for your business and your people.

HR experts

At Azuhr, we pride ourselves on being frank and fearless. We focus on the facts, harnessing data and cultural analysis to deliver direct and actionable advice. The commercial goals of your business are always our number one priority. Our HR Consultants draw from years of hands-on industry expertise to deliver proven HR solutions.

Our executive level HR Strategy is a consultancy service that you can tailor to meet your specific requirements. We deliver a diverse range of executive level HR solutions, including leadership support and coaching, board reporting, technology solutions (HRIS), cost management initiatives, diversity and inclusion strategy, change management and mergers and acquisition support.

Cost Management Strategy

When cuts need to be made, having an effective HR Strategist by your side can streamline the process. Our HR Strategy helps business leaders define a clear path forward. As trusted advisers, we can help to devise a strategy aligned to your business needs and implement non-labour and labour cost reductions.

Ensuring the wellbeing of your employees during a cost cutting period is essential for a robust workplace culture. Azuhr can help you manage these difficult processes, ensuring business resilience and workplace wellbeing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Azuhr team has deep expertise managing mergers and acquisitions. During any major corporate change, it is common for leaders to focus on finance and the transaction, letting people and talent fall by the wayside. How people are managed through these processes is critical to the success of any major corporate transition. Whether you’re bringing new teams together or divesting a part of your company, it’s vital to not only manage the transitions and limit liabilities, but to also effectively manage the human impacts.

Azuhr can help you through the transition and integration processes, managing logistics and implementing different models for service delivery. Our experts have extensive experience in utilising, outsourcing and shared service models to reduce operational spend and optimise performance.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

An effective diversity and inclusion strategy goes beyond demographics and looks at innovative ways to remove barriers so everyone can participate in the workplace. Your organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion approach is central to your overall HR framework. Our strategies focus on the seamless integration of diversity and inclusion objectives in the workplace.

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